Adventure Escape: Asylum

Adventure Escape: Asylum

Adventure Escape: Asylum
It is one of the famous haiku series of the adventure escape games, so this game events happened in the scary asylum and that’s starts when Anna Caulfield wakes up to find out that she is one of the patients in theByers institute for the criminally insane and grab an Id of her with diagnosed of mild amnesia, bouts dissociations, hallucination, dementia, then she start to wonder in the institute to find a little girl appearing and vanishing to warn her all the time.
While wondering to discover this mysterious story there will be many puzzles and riddles and amazing world of mystery to reveal its secrets and unlocking its shadow and vials.
The asylum game has mystery background music and effective sound effects and that makes you live the story, there is language option to suit many peoples tongue as English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Korean and more.
This is one of the coolest stories in the haiku series with its mystery and horror events.

Game features:
  • This is one of the famous haiku series which classified in the mystery and horror section.
  • The Asylum game has a collection of many puzzles and riddles to make the player always up to the challenge until the whole story complete.
  • The game has certain number of hints that helps you to solve the puzzles when you get stuck with it plus you can get more hints by purchase stars online.
  • This game has thrilling background music and cool sound effects.
  • This asylum game has many languages besides the English as Spanish, French, Italian, Korean and more.


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