Adventure Escape: Starstruck

Adventure Escape: Starstruck

Star struck
It is a crime solving game of the famous series adventure escape from haiku game company which produced certain number of amazing stories with the main lead character detective Kate and she solves every puzzle to close the case in every story.
In this story the case is about the missing famous celebrity  Prele and her trusted assistant while searching detective Kate reached the park then asked the keeper and he said that two men had entered the park one of them has a green hair then a girl came out . Who was that? What happened in that park? Where is Prele ? To find the answers of all those questions don\'t hastate to download this cool game and test your abilities in solving puzzles.
Once you start playing the game in every series of adventure escape games in the beginning there is instructions about how to play and what to do.
What is fun in this series there is many different locations and you\'ll move based on the map that will reveal every location in the right time as the acting scene, actress cabinet, park and yoga center…and don\'t forget there is a number of puzzles waiting to be solved that will broaden your mind and be more concerting.

Game features:
  • Amazing graphic and perfect directing the story line.
  • Interactive and interesting story will play till end without boredom. 
  • Free game from the start until the end you can solve everything with your brightness.
  • You can skip few puzzles by paying stars online.
  • Collect stars to help reveals hint when it\'s get difficult to be solved.  


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