Animal Farm for Kids Toddler games

Animal Farm for Kids Toddler games

Animal Farm for Kids. Toddler games.
It is an educational game for kids that educate kids about animals on the farm, it has different kinds of animals and it educates kids what should be done with each type of animal.
This game has cute draws and lovely kids designs so on this farm there are different animals to take care of by feeding them, train them, clean them and other duties towards them which make your kid has more knowledge about the animal needs and benefit.
In this farm there is a dog that guard the carrot field from rabbits then you can train the dog to collect items then put it back to its place also dig the ground for bones, there is a horse that you should feed it to flip the ground to be ready for harvest, there is a cow to feed then it produce milk, there are pigs that you feed and clean it from dirt, chickens that you feed and collect its eggs, all that knowledge your kid observe it in simple and fun way.

Game features:
  • The animal farm game for kids provides your kids with a lot off knowledge.
  • It especially provides knowledge in a simple and understandable way.
  • The animal farm for kids is a game that has lovely designs.
  • The animal farm for kids is the game has lovely music and encouraging sound effects.
  • The whole game is for free so there is no need to buy anything online.


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