Baby Pandas Summer Cafe

Baby Pandas Summer Cafe

Baby Panda’s Summer: Café
It is one of the kids’ favorite games that have events run in a café when groups of customers come by and order some kind of food and drinks.
Ever dreamed to be a host of a Café? Ever Wanted to be a cook and make coffee, flower tea, delicious ice cream, yummy cakes, and more dishes on your own? Bring your fantasy to life with tasty coffee in Baby Panda's Café! Baby Panda's Café will make your dream come true in this busy summer!
The panda’s café game contains cute drawings and lovely designs and it teaches the kids how to run a café, welcome customers, taking their orders then learning how to make food such as learning the way of making a sandwich and putting its layers of bread, salad, tomato, beef, next how to make coffee from squashing the beans then mix it with water, heat it up and add cream to it to make cool draws on its surface including the way of making pizza, flower tea, ice cream, and cookies.
The game has guiding steps with a cute voice and understandable words for kids tells you all the time what it should be doing as guiding customers to their tables, taking their orders, making food, cash and cleaning tables.

Game features:
  • Panda’s café is a special kids’ game which teaches them the way to run a café.
  • Panda’s café has pleasant background music with a cut and lovely voice.
  • It is special with the presentation of the way to make food and drinks.
  • The panda’s café game is special in planting the idea of work and makes it much more fun.


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