Bike Race Free Style Games

Bike Race Free Style Games

Bike Race
Start racing on the coolest and craziest tracks ever! Go and race against millions of other players because this game is always bikers’ best choice.
The game contains of simple and charming 2d designs which makes the game much more interesting for all the players, in the Bike Race game there are different tracks the curved tracks, the cutter tracks, the zigzag tracks, the easy and hard tracks all of that in cool backgrounds paintings as the desert, snow, woods, beach and much more.
The game control has buttons and unique ways to master the bike controls by rotating your phone to make your bike move in smooth and for that, you'll need a lot of practicing to master the bike and go on races. There is a hidden button on the right of the screen for the gas pedal and there is a hidden button on the left of the screen for the breaks, however, to make your bike keep up the flow and ride it smoothly you'll rotate your phone to the left and to the right

Game features:
The bike race game is one of the famous bike games and the most downloaded.
The bike race game has cool and different tracks which provide you with a a new challenge each level, plus you'll play and race with a different environment as desert, snow, beach.
You can race and compete with other players of all the world and win against them after training individually on the flips and crazy jumps.
In this game, you can play using the internet connection with other players or without the internet in the practice mode.
You can invite your friends from Facebook and race with them.
You can unlock bikes while playing this game or purchase them online and figure their properties.



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