Brushes Redux

Brushes Redux

Brushes Redux is special app for painting on Iphone and Ipads and it uses brushes tools just like the physical ones in real life.
Do you ever feel that you want to paint on your phone or computer tab then what you wish is exist in real word in a small and great app and also comes in free allows you to render you talent or to get your boredom out, and to experience painting in anytime and anyplace.
With Open GL based engine it accelerates, smoothen, and has responsive actions with even brushes with big sizes, it also records every step which allows you to replay all the steps for painting processes.
The app gives you the option to start the painting from scratch or to import any graphic file from the device to edit and draw on it, and choose the existing brushes or make a custom one and it gives unlimited number of undo and redo and wide number of color spectrum.
Controlling in the app never been easy and also you can easily zoom in by sliding the finger out  and return to normal fitting to screen by tapping by the two fingers, you can hide and unhide interface by tapping by one finger, and finally you can bring eyedropper tool by tapping and holding with one finger.

App features:
  • make a painting with dimension up to 4096x4096.
  • Full support to devices retina screen.
  • Auto saves in background and unlimited number of redo and undo.
  • Simple interface and straightforward processes.
  • Open GL based engine that accelerate the painting.
  • Full screen mode, and record and replay all steps.
  • Brushes sizes up to 512x512 with adjustable properties.
  • Opaque adjustable colors and layers.
  • Up to ten layers with adjustable properties and ability to show and hide, merge, duplicate, and rearrange.
  • Import and export brushes, image with JPG and PNG extension into or from dropbox and device's album.


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