Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a Role Play game simulates the famous football  anime series of the same name on smart devices.
The game based on the story of young kid Tsubasa Oozora who obsessed in playing football from middle school and he is very talented in it and make through all the championship from Japanese Jionior champion to Fifa world cup.
The graphics are very astounding and style taken from version 2002 , the effects are gorgeous and the sounds original to classic anime make you in love with this game if you a fan of the series.
The game has three mode to play first of all is the story mode where you will reminisce the events of the original story but with you playing it.
League mode where you can choose a team and play a solo in quick fun champion cup style.
Online mode is the mode where you can teammate or compete with your friends or other rivals around the world. 
You can create your own team with your favorite characters from the series, train them, and built you own pre use strategy to compete efficiently.
When you play match you can choose one of the three controls mode auto, semi auto, and manual the different in controlling the main player on the field with auto the player follow the plan you put in the match with manual other players follow the plan except the one who has the ball and there three on the field modes which are Offence, Defense, and Balanced.

The game features:
  • The game originates from the famous anime series Captain tsubasa.
  • Excellent 3D graphic in the lovable anime style.
  • Excellent effects and background sound with the original vocal sounds.
  • Three playing mode with story mode, league mode, and online mode.
  • Dream team creation with favorite character in the anime.
  • Train and level up the player in your team and make unbreakable strategy plans.


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