Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

This is wild barbarian fighting game of mustache fighters and crazy wizards make your own army and soldiers then lead your clan to glories and victory!
Build your village and protect it from the outsiders. There are wars and many fights against millions of players from the entire world.
Combine your soldiers with other tribes\' soldiers with this unbeatable army and have your fight against other clans enjoy those epic fights and gain victory.
Clash of Clans is for free you can download it and play with it although you purchased item for game to get stronger and have equipment and properly play the game.
If you didn\'t want to use purchased advantage you can use password to decline paying for items from Google play.
There are a few terms of this game one of them the player must be above 13 years old.
To be online is required to play this game.
Clash of clans attribute is:
Build your village and turn it to unbreakable castle no one go through it.
Enhance your barbarian army and make it stronger by developing, Archers, Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other different fighters.
Have your fights with players from all the world and win against them also gather your Trophies of them.
Go in other clan to make the powerful forma of ultimate army
Go against other to make epic war.
Build 20 special unit with a lot of upgrades levels
Find out your perfect way of attacking gather most of what you can of soldiers, wizards, spills, hero\'s and other reinforcements.
Build towers, canons, traps, walls and Mortars.
Face Goblins\' king lead you troops on the battle field.



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