Clash of Diamonds: Match 3 4+

Clash of Diamonds: Match 3 4+

Clash of Diamonds
It is one of the famous match 3 games, it is where you swap three similar jewels that has the same type and color in vertical or horizontal line, clash of diamonds game has gain a lot of fame in every generations because it\'s very simple and easy to play with just like every game with same pattern.
Clash of diamonds has 500 levels in each level there is a certain number of moves that required you to finish the goal before the moves end or you\'ll replay it again. Matching four similar jewels will give you the gems with the golden line when match it with the similar jewels it can demolish a full vertical line or horizontal line. 
There is also the colored diamond which can be made by matching five similar jewels then by swiping it to any jewels it demolish all the similar jewels more than that you can compete with your Facebook friends and share your progress.

Clash of diamonds features:
  • It is free and very simple to play with.
  • It has vocals effects in six languages in English as default, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Russian including sound effect and background music.
  • Sharing it in Facebook will give you free gifts, daily bounce; compete in leader boards and sharing your progress.
  • There is purchase plus to get more gold to increase the lives and items.
  • There is an option that shows you how to play and how to make fast progress.


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