Dan The Man

Dan The Man

It is a fun adventure game with story line is about terrorists attack the innocent and weak people with their light , middle and heavy weapons and then when they asked Dan for help so he fights them back with his bare hands and while playing you must collect the coins on your way and break the pots and collect what its come off  
The game will show you where is the market to buy health to recover what you've lost while fighting moreover you'll find weapons while moving forward such as shuriken, knife and gun which will help you in the game
There are carton scenes before a few stages and a map that show the progress that you've made, so in this game overcoming the obstacles is the main thing
In this game there will be arrow that gives the instructions and also show you the way
Dan has many moves so it's not boring to play this game but it’s the opposite it's so cool and fun you 
  can punch , grab and do moves on the enemies by clicking on the screen button in several ways

Game features

It is a 2D game that classified as adventure, action and fighting game
The buttons are on the screen are for moving forward and backward, jumping, punching and using weapons
The graphic in this game is in cartoonish style with lovely characters
Cool designs of the traps, obstacles, fights, and usage of the weapons
The background music and the sound effects are so in mood challenging
There is a checkpoint so if you die you don't need to start from the beginning
Their many playable characters that can be level up, upgrade moves and buy weapon
Dan the man is a beloved game that has fan from all generations


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