Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks
It is a free real time strategy fighting game, you can fight against others using tanks and powerful weapons while wondering in the battle land field, the game has hourly refresh engine to keep up all the updates and to welcome the player from all the world.
It is a competitive game that gathers people around the globe in tank combat of 3 vs. 3 with interactive maps that are changeable every one hour to keep the heat up for battles.
The game has diverse tanks from the abilities, power and weakness point so you need to pick the best and suitable one for you and for the battle land then you must bay attention because even most the best tanks drivers can lost their way in the game.
Wild fight is waiting for you to defeat all the rivals and enemies on the line, demolish every one that stands against you.

Game features:
  • The Dank Tanks game is special with its cartoonish and lovely designs from the characters till the battlefield.
  • The game has fresh engine to keep up the hourly updates and welcome all gamers from the worldwide.
  • The game offers different tank with diverse features from all points of strength till weakness to give you the ability of choosing what\'s suitable for you.
  • There must be online connection because the game only works that way.
  • The game is free, however there is purchase features to upgrade the status of the tanks and more.
  • The game gathers you with your home land players as a team also there is option of chatting with the rest of the players.
  • You can choose your mother tongue language from all wide world languages.


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