DinoTim Basic math activities

DinoTim Basic math activities

Dino Tim
It is a kids’ educational game that teaches them numbers, shapes, and colors in a unique way by telling the story of Dino Tim alongside the evil witches.
Some funny witches have abducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help him rescuing them!
Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly and collect figures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witches into animals!! Children will experience an exciting adventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometric shapes, running, flying, jumping and doing magic to unblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.
The game has groups of flights that Dino Tim takes to bring the witches orders to rescue the rest of his family from evil witches so Dino Tim takes flight to collect required shapes and avoid the rest besides in those flights there is tools that helps you collect the items much faster and dodge the animals that shrink the Dino size which makes the game much harder.
The Dino Tim game suits kids at two years old till eight years old besides this game is fun for all the family also it makes kids much positive towards the learning process and builds their concentration ability.

Game features:
  • The special about Dino Tim game is the story about Dino and witches.
  • Dino Tim is an educational game that teaches kids lessons in math, shapes, and colors.
  • Dino Tim contains wonderful draws and cool effects.
  • The Dino Tim comes in other languages besides English such as French, Italian, and Spanish.


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