Find the Differences 500 levels

Find the Differences 500 levels

Find the difference
Enjoy finding the difference in the pictures in this puzzle game, it’s a memorable childhood game so recover all those memories and play with the best find the difference and test puzzle game.
The find the difference game has 500 levels of an incredible HD pictures with amazing and cool challenges also it has endless numbers of hints when you get stuck with puzzle, more than that what\'s make this game outstanding is the fantastic and imaginary scene on those pictures that\'s why once you\'ll start playing you\'ll never be able to stop.
The game has many languages such as English, Spanish, French, Deutsche, Portuguese, and Russian also it\'s possible to change the background color from dark gray into light gray or green.
The game offers the ability to erase all the data and solved puzzles to be able to start playing it all over again so while playing don\'t forget to enjoy the amazing scenes and cool pictures one more time.

Game features:
  • The find the difference game is special because it\'s very simple to play with by all generations.
  • The find the difference game has 500 HD pictures and that\'s make it more challenging. 
  • Amazing scenery and outstanding detailed photos which needs lot of concentrations. 
  • The puzzle game doesn\'t has time limit to find the five difference in the pictures because it\'s open so take the time that need.
  • The game has relax background music and nice sound effects with vibration mood to add more fun to solve the puzzles.
  • There is an intro draws to teach you that you should\'ve touch one of the pictures to locate the difference of the puzzle.


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