Hello Stars

Hello Stars

Hello star
Spend your time solving the fun puzzles game which is one among the draw line famous series, so the game idea is about a lazy person who doesn\'t want to wakeup or doesn\'t want to move with a star complex so here is your part to find a way to throw at him a ball. 
There are lots of levels with many forms and lots of ways to solve each puzzle, hello star start easy then puzzles get harder when you close levels so enjoy your time waking and moving the lazy with the star complex.
With hello star you can change the normal background paper design in to other forms also you can change the pencil form and the ball too, the hello star game contain of funny and humor designs and draws.

Game features:
  • The hello game is special with its fun idea and amusing draws. 
  • The hello game has a funny and humor intro video makes look forward for the puzzles.
  • The hello game has colored and forms of the background paper, pencils you use to draw the lines and the balls to throw it at lazy person to make him move.
  • The game has fantastic background music and ironist sound effect to make more fun to play it.
  • The hello star game has 220 levels and puzzles are easy to solve with many ways to that for each puzzle.
  • Enjoy this draw line game among the famous series and score 3 stars for each level.


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