Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Hungry shark World
Play the hungry shark and attack preys to fill up his starving stomach with most of the sea creature so enjoy diving in ocean depths and wonders.
There are many different sharks’ sizes you can play with the small, medium, large, and X large, and discover each shark abilities of attacking, defense and what preys each shark can eat, upgrade shark levels to unlock more sharks until you unlock the X large shark to maintain the ocean and prey on everything inside it.
There is a number of oceans and islands to discover and go into its depth to see drowning ships, oceans mines that must be avoided, sharks fights and surviving battles, facing whales, cancers and crabs, weak fishes, strong fishes, small fishes, large fishes, and different chelonian.

Game features:
  • This game is an excellent choice for sharks and oceans fans.
  • You will get amazed and astonished by all those ocean creatures.
  • Hungry shark game has fantastic designs of all the creatures and ocean nature.
  • You can unlock the rest of the sharks after collecting the required materials or you can unlock it by purchase it from the line.
  • Get to know the ocean nature and sea wonders then unlock more locations to discover more.
  • The hungry shark has amusing background music and outstanding sound effects such as screaming people and ocean creatures.
  • There are a lot of blocks in front of those sharks which makes the game more interesting as ocean mines, thorn fishes and much more.


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