Lightshot application is as simple as you could imagine without any complication gives you an easy way to work using it with no need for certain knowledge of other application utility or editing tools.
Capture the picture you need from your computer screen with the size you want as fast and easy way possible.
Lightshot it's not an application that take full shot of screen computer device but with the size you want and tools and sharing utility. This application give a great help to the one who need to make a quick computer in their work.
After uploading this application and set it up in your computer you can use it with no need to watch and learn of tutorial or go to help menu because it is just that simple.
You can click on PrtScr or put it as default to take shot.
When you active drag mode it\'ll appear a transparent veil on your screen chose the start point keep dragging until the last point of your shot.
Editing tool will appear after you are done with the shot.

Use pen tool for hand drawing design insert lines. Also insert text you can add arrow to show important point .Draw rectangle and edit the tools color.
Save picture with these format: JPEG, PNG, and BMP.
You can share the shot you take by facebook ,twitter ,whats up and other social media.
Open history and look to the picture you have made add caption or delete the unnecessary one.
Note: it is prefer not to work on text editing such as font and size because it might active bugs since the programmers didn't work on this advantage.

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