Mahjong 2019

Mahjong 2019

Mahjong 2019
For all puzzle and solitaire fans including the fans of mind thinking games where you use concentration and analyzing abilities also you should know that mahjong also known with majong game, so now test your concentration ability and play mahjong then close all the levels by scoring three stars for each level.
If you never heard before about the mahjong game then it’s a game where you select similar pairs to scatter, therefore mahjong has many draws, epigraphy, flowers, circles, dots, words and nature scenes.
Challenge yourself and play mahjong daily to improve your focusing and speed skills, majong has many levels and different tiles which classified the challenge and difficult degrees.

Game features:
  • Mahjong 2019 version is special with the graphical qualities and the smoothness of the game.
  • The mahjong has endless number of undo steps which save you the effort to start play it again.
  • The mahjong has more than 800 different levels full with challenge.
  • The mahjong has many hints to use when you stuck of locating the pair parts.
  • The mahjong has four different backgrounds to choose what the best in your mind is.
  • The mahjong has different tiles that classified the difficulties of the game then draw the suitable one for you.
  • The mahjong has background music and nice sound effect plus to that the zooming option for the elders and people with sight issues.
  • Share the game with your Facebook friends to let them test their skills with mahjong game.


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