It is a free crafting engine on windows and similar to the famous Minecraft game, the game idea is about building and demolishing so while playing it get inspired and start to build a world of cites, streets, colleagues, buildings, nature, trees, mountains, flowers, house devices, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, cars, ships, planes, animals, characters and everything your mind can imagine however, all the models you are going to build has a square shape.
Mainetest game has a full life circle day and night, nature, diversity of the lands and you can observe that the more you play and remain inside the game at the time of building and designing.
Minetest game has a great land space, heights, valley, seas and the more you wonder in it you'll discover more of wonders and creativity more than that this game has different material and forms that helps you build any shape you want.
This package of Downdon contains a huge set of modes as well as bunch games.

Game features:
  • That game is special with making the player show the creativity in design and building.
  • This package has eight games and a lot of modes.
  • You can you use Minetest game with making 3d game and not to mention the possibility of adding movement to make it more a life and refreshing.
  • You can join with a group online and share the same game and make special things and design with them.
  • It has multi material such as glass, wood and more and don't forget to change the colors of every design you want.
  • It is very simple to play with even the kids can enjoy playing the Minetest game.



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