Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang
It is a strategy game where you play among a team of five legends where you attack and protect towers until you destroy the last enemy tower and take over the ground.
The game contains of 3d designs with a group of different heroes with different abilities, ten seconds until you get ready for the battle also you can choose a hero among a collection of legends as knight, wizard, healer, monster and others.
The forest is the battle field which has inside of it monsters and soldiers belongs to each team and attack their enemies by default including the towers that attack the other team soldiers and heroes.
It has Simple controls in this fabulous game which allows you to play using only two fingers, the movement cursor at the left and the hit cursor on the right, in this game you don't have to aim towards the enemy it’s automatically hit what goes in inside the circle.
You must come up with a strategy to win this game so you can use soldiers to help you break in the enemy territory.

Game feature:
  • The mobile legend game is one of the famous strategy games and most downloaded from all generations.
  • All heroes are real people from the entire world.
  • You can invite players from your friends and make a team with them, having fun with your friends by going into battles with them.
  • When one of the heroes drop out the AI takes its place and fight with the team.
  • You can upgrade your level by going into more fights and accomplish victory after destroying the enemy's last tower.
  • Change game language into your mother tongue to make it much easier.


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