Moe Girl Cafe 2

Moe Girl Cafe 2

Moe Girl Café 2
It is an ACG (Anime Comic Game) Japanese Style 2D management game about manages Moe Café and cultivation when you play as Manager with the of Moe Assistant to Hire employees for many roles such as Chef, Entertainer, waitress, and delivery girl and to make decoration, research, marketing, and throwing parties with other staff you will decide to do it or by help of your friends if you invite them, Experience a realistic management with astounding environment filled with a unique versatile dialogues.
Game starts with opening café with an amount of money and you have to manage it and supervising it by overcoming any obstacles to bring a good feedback so the customers increase and to see all different characters that will make your café more reach Anime, and avoid letting any bad impressions in your customers so you won’t experience any loose in visitors.
With game starts it will explain and give you tutor about its mechanics and all the tools you will need to operate you café by attempt with the help of Moe assistant, you will be going to hire different character to do a certain role in the café determined by their skills pars and they increase by gaining experience by working so, in the beginning, you will need a chef to do cooking and bring out various of dishes up to 50 type and you will have to give her energy drinks to continue to work, a waitress to take customers order and pass them the dishes, and a lot of other roles that must account their expenses with overall total income.
The game contains more than one hundred characters with a lot of unique dialogues, thousands of pieces of furniture and decoration from classical to modern, from realistic to fantasy, and from European style to Japanese style.
It has social modes with others in the game where you temp work, granting wishes, borrow employees, market exchange, order delivery, and sending flowers, you can visit other café or be visited by other and leave each other comments to read when you come back to the game.

Game features:
  • An ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) Japanese 2D Style game.
  • Realistic management from hiring, marketing, researching, and supervising employees.
  • More than 100 characters with huge unique dialogues, and thousands of furniture and decorations.
  • Socialize with others with different modes.


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