Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds
This application is one of the best applications that is used for sleeping and stress problems also the nature sounds application provides you with the best HD pictures holding unique sound that suit the scene of the picture including other nature and music sounds can be composed.
The application has a timer which allows you to set up the time and what days of the week. Also you can set the nature sound HD pictures as background and use the available sounds or the one that you compose as ringing tone or for your massage tone.
You can add sounds as you like in every picture from the available icons on it then choose from one or few of sounds of nature or from the other tones which complete the scene. Moreover you can balance all the sounds that you pick with best composition.
The nature sounds has birds sound, ocean sound, rain sound, bug sounds and music sounds as violent, piano, flute and more to compose to produce your piece of artistry.

Application features:
  • The nature sound offers outstanding HD pictures with special sound effects for each, and music to add to them.
  • Now you can be an artist by making and composing your ring tones or massage tones as simple as possible.
  • This application provides you with collection of HD pictures can be used as background images.
  • After making your best and comfortable composition bookmark it with the star to get back to it any time you want.
  • There is a timer to setup by choosing days and times to activate. 
  • The application is very simple to use and has amazing high quality sounds.


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