Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival

Ocean survival
It is one of the survival games in this ocean survival game you'll have to do the best that you can to remain a life using what is around you to make life survival equipment.
The game contains an amazing 3d designs so you'll start alone in the ocean riding on the boat surrounding by deep ocean next to you there are floating pieces of wood, pieces of metal, pieces of fabric and boxes you'll gather those materials and turn it into nails, ropes, tanks then you compose these tools to fishing spear, fishing tools, cooker and more.

Game features:
  • Ocean survival is a fun game that attracts all adventure games’ fans.
  • Ocean survival is a very challenging game which makes it a very addictive game.
  • Ocean survival has awesome designs.
  • The ocean survival game has cool music and sound effect that can be muted also.
  • You can gather all the woods and other materials to build a base then stairs, bed, chair, table and more.
  • You don't need an internet connection to play this game.
  • You can purchase the equipment to seed up the survival process


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