OnetX Connect Animal

OnetX Connect Animal

OnetX - Connect Animal
It is matching the similar pieces game, in this game, you'll select two pieces of matching animal or shape to destroy and decrease the plate until it finished and you move to the next level.
The game contains pieces that have animals draws on it, to play it you must select the pieces with similar draws at the same line, pieces next to each other and can be connected with three lines the most without any pieces blocks the way.
The Onetx has two modes to play the classic mode that has static pieces once the similar pieces disappear it leaves a vacuum the second mode is the dynamic mode that fills the places of the selected similar piece, there are three difficulties levels to choose between them to play.

Game features:
  • It is a fun puzzle game that has lovely animal draws.
  • The Onetx has excellent sound effects.
  • The game has two modes the classic mode with static pieces and dynamic mode with moving pieces.
  • There are three levels of difficulties the easy mode, the medium mode, the hard mode, in each mode there is different numbers of pieces.
  • There is a timeline that gives the score if you didn't finish the whole plate.
  • You can save the game progress and get back to it at any time.
  • The Onetx is special with its smoothness of the control.


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