PUBG Mobile
Join the most famous fighting game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and get into the most wild fights ever! And survive from that with victory.
The game contains of awesome 3d designs, the game start with one hundred players on a platform getting ready for the big fight then the plane fly over the battlefield and on the side there is a little map to show you your location and let you choose where do you want to land. The moment your player reach the land you'll start looking for weapons which it will be at all the battlefield such as guns, shotguns, bombs, gas, kitchen tools and others plus the energy drinks and health which it will be needed all the time.
In this game you'll try to survive and exterminate your rivals plus to that remaining at the safe zone and each time the safe zone shrink you'll keep that on mind. You can run all the way or use any vehicles you see.

Game feature:
  • Pubg counts as one of the famous and strongest games and played by millions from all over the world.
  • Pubg is special with its 3d designs and with all its fabulous details that you see while playing.
  • The game has different modes to play as normal mode, zombie mode, expert mode.
  • The game comes in different languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Japanese, Chinese and others.
  • You can choose your player and dress him or her as you want and you can purchase that online.
  • The game has awesome sound effects and this game can be played online.
  • You can play this game solo or with your friends among four players in a team fighting with each other watching each other backs.


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