Scary Neighbor 3D

Scary Neighbor 3D

Scary neighbor
Play with the awful neighbor game, break into his world while he is busy with his activities and challenge the neighbor by manipulating things inside his house with other frustrating activities as punishment for hiding the little puppy with the rest of pets inside his house.
The game contains 3d awesome designs. You'll start the game guiding steps to take the gift box to the awful neighbor to let him open it and get surprised, getting punched on the face as prank, next prank you enter his house and open the dining room to take the cheese and put it on his bed while he is sleeping to make him wake up frightened by mice next to him, next you take motor electricity from the secret room and put in the bathtub to get shocked with that, next prank search for the skeleton in the neighbor house then put it in front of his bed and open the music to make him wake up thinking there are ghosts inside of his house and other many pranks.
The game doesn't have a lot of buttons that distract you but it has simple controls the movement buttons, running button and action buttons.

Game features:
  • The game is special with its amazing idea which is similar to a scary teacher game.
  • The scary neighbor has wonderful 3d designs.
  • The game has cool sound effects with good music which can be muted if it distracted you.
  • The scary neighbor has many levels waiting to be played with a lot of pranks.
  • This is an offline game with smooth controls which is the movement cursor and running button and action button.


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