Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2
Taxi 2 counts as one of the famous and most downloaded games, in this game you can take the taxi driver part and deliver people to their destination point passing through bridges and twisted roads.
The game allows you to choose the shape of the wheel so you can choose the arrows to option the right arrow and left arrow or the original round wheel shape option then start to drive and stay on the road, there is two perspective views the outer car perspective view and the inner car perspective view, including two pedals for moving forward and for moving backward plus the breaks, horn and speed button.
The taxi has a GPS system to view directions and to allow you to take the best way to reach the goal point. Watch the road carefully and follow path then be extra careful to not run over the people on the street so you don't lose five hundred dollars as a fine, buy fifty dollars to fix your taxi.

Game features:
  • Taxi 2 counts as one of the famous taxi games downloaded reached ten million downloads.
  • It is a light game without too many rules.
  • There is no need to fill fuel all the time and you can go to the workshop when getting too many accidents.
  • You can collect money to replace the taxi and buy a new one.
  • This taxi game allows you to choose the steering wheel shape either it the round wheel or the arrow once.
  • The city has a simple design, different streets with casual buildings.
  • You are allowed to choose driving perspective car mode it's where you can watch the car from above while driving or the driver mode it's where you can watch the road from the driver seat.


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