The Siblings 2020

The Siblings 2020

Scary Siblings 2020
The big brother Ron has gone far with his rude attitude against his young brother Lucas while playing and not giving him any time to watch TV and other bad behavior towards Lucas
The contains of 3d unique designs. The game starts with educational steps of how to set up pranks so Lucas start those pranks by taking the air bellow to put on the regular couch where Ron always sits, the next prank Lucas takes the crab and put it on Ron pizza while he is sleep to pinch his hand, the next prank put the itchy powder in the bathtub before Ron entered the bathroom although those pranks must be done at the right time before Ron's find out and catch Lucas
The game doesn't have a lot of buttons that distract you but it has simple controls the movement buttons, running button and action buttons

Game features:
  • The game is special with its amazing idea which is similar to scary teacher game
  • The scary neighbor has wonderful 3d designs
  • The game has cool sound effects with good music which can be muted if it distracted you
  • The scary neighbor has many levels waiting to be played with a lot of pranks
  • This is an offline game with smooth controls which is the movement cursor and running button and action button



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