Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is lightweight app allows you to turn you phone device into an excellent portable scanner.
If you have work document, school notes, or family images and you can't access to scanner this app save your life and turn you phone into potable scanner that can scan any document in par with an excellent scanner what you have to do is to run this app and focus you camera on the specific document, measure dimension, and save it.
With Tiny Scanner you can scan multiple documents and make them into PDF work book and specify the color degree in black or white grey degree or colored and specify paper size such as A4, Latter, Legal, or more…
Tiny Scanner has special feature which is organize your related documents into folders for easy access and also you can search for them quickly by their titles.
Working with this app never get easier just download it, install it, and run it, it’ll not require any additional setting, choose you document scan it the next tab give you the option of specify the paper size, the next one specify color setting and final tab to save it or send it.

Program features:
  • Scan any type of document perfectly whether it is written document, printed one, or images.
  • It is lightweight app, easy to deal with it, and fast in progress.
  • Able to unite several documents into a single PDF workbook.
  • Scan in any degree of color in grey, black and white, or colored.
  • Five level of contrast for monochrome effect to the document.
  • Specify document edges automatically.
  • Specify paper size for printing process whether A4 or Letter or etc.
  • Lock your document with passcode


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