TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game

TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game

Trap Adventure 2
Trap Adventure is an arcade 2D game and a second part of this series which is based on retro games with same style but unusual behavior.
The game may maybe similar to eighties and early nineties but it hides an important special features which the odd traps in it where you think you\'ve passed the obstacle then you realize you\'ve been chased and killed by it, this peculiar style make it attractive and frustrating in the same time and its popularity reached its climax where it becomes the challenge between players about who can win and who beats the records.
How to play:
The game control has 2 movement buttons for left and right and 2 button action for jumping and crouch and changes in sea level for rise and dive.
Every time you starts the game it make an options for one live or 10 lives the different is that 10 life costs money or to watch ads.
The game may seem normal in the start but you have to take caution because it may surprise you with traps in every step you make that you feel is reasonable, you have make fast reaction, some traps may need special pattern of moves and to give you some hint do not take the move that it seems very logical because that what  the developer want you to take and the last thing to say you may need to retry a lot of time to discover how to beat every type of traps in this game.

The game features:
  • The type and style of the game based on retro game so it will make you have nostalgia about your childhood.
  • The game mechanics make the game very challenging and hilarious and it make you addict to it.
  • Various types of levels with gradual increasing in difficulty. 


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