Unity Chan

Unity Chan

Unity Chan\'s Action Shooting
Play the adventure of unity Chan game help this cute girl to defeat the other female enemies in a cute adventures. 
Unity will wonder in all places in the map with your help and defeat every enemy then after you finish few stages you\'ll find boss girl unity must beat her.
Every stage has classified as A, B, S so if you get a low mark you can retry the stage to get class S and to do that you must collect all coins and items and try not to lose any health points of unity chan.
The stages will get harder by moving forward in the map but you will get many features that help Unity all the way. Unity Chan will face a lot of monsters and floating pieces which flip after certain time then in the end of every stage you must jump to top of the flag to get the best record.

Game features:
  • Cute anime character design with similar sound style for anime lovers.
  • Character names are based on programming applications and engines. 
  • This game has a lot of advantages when unity ask her friend for help she does it with different ways by building things or giving her power to pass through all the monsters in her way.
  • Many stages with different environments that getting harder with higher levels.
  • Easy control with two ways direction, jumps, and shots.
  • If you failed unity will give you many sad cute positions to makes do better next time.


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