VAMPIRE Chained Monster

VAMPIRE Chained Monster

Scary vampire
The vampire count has taken over the castle and didn't want to get out from it so here the right owner of the castle complain about the evil vampire and want his castle back, the main character that you'll play with tries to help the count getting his castle back
The contains of 3d awesome designs. You'll start the game with guiding steps of how to break in the castle with the water bucket while the vampire is out so once he enters the castle he gets surprised by getting wet with water bucket, next prank switching the biscuit with wooden one so he gets surprised eating wood piece after he wakes up from his snooze, the next prank putting hot sauce in his soup, the next prank pouring liquid on the bathroom floor so he falls and can't get up, the next prank removing wooden pieces and nails from the window so get burned with the sunrise
The game doesn't have a lot of buttons that distract you but it has simple controls the movement buttons, running button and action buttons

Game features:
  • The game is special with its amazing idea which is similar to scary teacher game
  • The scary neighbor has wonderful 3d designs
  • The game has cool sound effects with good music which can be muted if it distracted you
  • The scary neighbor has many levels waiting to be played with a lot of pranks
  • This is an offline game with smooth controls which is the movement cursor and running button and action button


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