Viber Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls

Viber is communication app allows you to send text and makes calls for free.
You can use Viber application with its purple elegant color and easy to communicate with friends, family, classmate, and love ones.
What\'s special about Viber are the stickers .It has more than you can imagine a lot of stickers you can chose any of those based on your taste.
Start sending and receiving messages around the world in addition free phone calls and all you have to do turn on the wifi.
Add people from your contact list. Once you start Viber it\'s going to show which one of them is using Viber. 
If they are not using you notify them by sending invitation to join Viber with your number on it.
There is a feature called Viber Out which allows you to make phone calls to landline and mobile phone that don\'t have Viber with low rate charge.
App Advantages:
  • You can change chat background theme, moreover you can specify each person with certain background theme
  • You can join groups has the same interest as you do from anywhere around the world not just people that only nearby to you.
  • Viber has thousands of stickers you can use any one of them to express you emotion plus words.
  • There is a great advantage called damage control if you send a message you didn\'t want the receiver to see it then you can delete it.
  • All calls and messages are protected you can make sure you\'re talking to the right person. 
  • You can hide certain conversation by using pin code.
  • There is public chatting about celebrities, trademarks, and gossip you can join freely.
  • Plus sharing others numbers and locations, and games.
  • Other details about your comments such as who has seen it .who liked it ……..



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