iTunes is primary and official application from Apple Co. to manage all its devices from personal computer, organize, add, and play media with also radio broadcasting you can use to buy and download media files, apps, eBooks from iTunes store on PC.
This program allows you to enter an official apple market to navigate, buy, and download multimedia, application, games, and eBooks and install them or synchronize with you device with addition make backup locally or online on ICloud, upgrade system software that suitable with the device safely or downgrade and remind you if one of your apps need update, update it and synchronize if necessary.
iTunes can play and convert supported audio files from pc as well as video files from IPhone, IPad , or PC and sync with them.
Genius feature gives the program ability to make smart playlist depends on user\'s  library and corporation filters and this features needs an personal account on iTunes for info collecting.
iTunes allows you to watch, buy, rent movies and TV shows from exclusive deal or general library, in case of rent you\'ll be given time period to watch before expiration.
Program features:
  • An official program that deal with Apple market.
  • Sync, install, and remove apps and media and make backups.
  • Multimedia player for audio and video from pc library, apple devices.
  • Rent movies and TV shows and buy them if possible online.
  • Make save list for you devices for info exchange.
  • Genius feature to make smart playlist.
  • Parental Control for kids playing with app Store.

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