Tuxpaint is a raster graphic editor PC program for kids use with its unique interface and simple guidance information.
The program has a simple interface and loveable for kids to use it to enter into art world and make their imagination come true by producing adorable piece of art inspired from their life experience with helping of a very easy tools to ease his tasks.

How this program works:
You will find this program with its simple interface similar to the known mspaint with addition of other of toolbox to the menu and an explanation given by Tux the penguin for every tool in the application.
You can start from scratch by choosing the canvas with any color you want to start from or to import an image to edit or add to it some modification you want when you finish just press save.
The tool you\'ll focus on is magic wand which contains a lot of effects and filters where kids will enjoy using them such as the cartoon effect which adjust the lines and colors to look similar to shaded line and fisheye effect which make picture in some point of it focused and a lot of other tools under this category.
Tux the penguin always providing you with brief info that you want about any tool you encounter in the buttom of the screen in way it\'s understandable to the kids who able to read and younger ones need some parental guidance to be comfortable with it.

The program features:
  • It contains the basic toolbox to draw and controlling tools such as undo, new,and print .
  • It has a canvas the place that paint on it.
  • Color pellet where you can pick a color.
  • Selector, providing a variety of different objects.
  • Information spot providing a useful info about tools by Tux the penguin.
  • A lot of advance tools exist of filters and special effects.
  • Parental control where you can enable or disable some feature in the program.
  • Localization which provide with more than 80 language around the world.

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